Women in Tech: How to find a smart woman?

Finding a perfect partner isn’t easy: some men dream of meeting a beautiful woman while others want them to be interesting personalities first. What can you do if you want to find a woman who is well-educated and open-minded? Hurry up to check this guide to meet smart girls for dating and marriage.

Where to meet smart women?

By chance, you can find a woman who’s smart and funny at the same time everywhere. However, you may have to wait for luck for too long and still not meet anyone on the street. To shorten the time of waiting for your intelligent soulmate, check the following places to meet educated girls for dating.

Online dating sites and apps

This is the first, and the best spot for meeting and dating a smart girl is mail order bride websites. They offer multiple opportunities to meet women from all over the world who are intelligent, beautiful, and ready for a relationship with a foreigner.

On such apps, you can check women’s profiles and interact with them in many ways (put likes on their photos, comment on their statuses, text them, call them, etc.). You can meet women online by applying filters like location, age, marital status, kids, hobbies, personality types, appearance details, etc. Some websites have matchmaking tools to provide you with potential matches automatically.

Conferences and professional fairs

Another place to meet and date a woman with good educational background is job-related events. Usually, they have after-parties and networking breaks so that people can socialize and communicate with each other. Many men find new job offers this way, but you can find a partner there too.

Higher education establishments

If you’re a student of a school or a university, you have many more chances of meeting a smart lady than others. Having access to the campus of any higher education establishment allows you to find a woman for dating everywhere you go, from a classroom to a cafeteria. If you’re shy, however, it may be tough for you to come up to ladies and talk to them.

Coworking spaces

In case you’re a businessman or a tech guy, you may be a frequent guest of coworking spots where you can bring a laptop and sit and work for as long as you want. Meeting people here is easy: once you see them more than once, say ‘Hello’, after you see them twice, you can have a longer conversation. The chances of finding and dating a smart girl here aren’t guaranteed, though: they depend a lot on luck.

Media libraries and event spaces

Finally, find a woman for a relationship while coming to a library for studying or a certain event space for a movie night. To do that here, you just have to be attentive and ready to get acquainted at any time. A disadvantage is that ladies usually come there in companies and may already be taken.

Rules of dating a smart girl

Here’s how you can get the most out of dating a smart girl:

  • Be straightforward. Don’t expect smart women to be able to read your thoughts. They don’t know how to do it. Instead, they expect you to be clear and honest about your intentions, feelings, and plans.
  • Be consistent. Another thing to remember is to develop your relationships step by step. You don’t need to force anything or hurry up to draw the attention of a smart lady. Let your relationship unfold gradually, and you’ll build trust lasting for years.
  • Understand what you can offer. Before starting dating a smart girl, be honest to yourself and see whether you have enough mental and emotional strength to be in the relationship. If you have certain biases, fears, and child traumas, it’s better to get rid of them before meeting someone to start a family.
  • Don’t forget about humor. Being witty and hilarious is great to break the ice during the acquaintance and your first dates. In the long run, humor is a thing that saves relationships from almost all the problems you may face.
  • Be creative when it comes to dates. Put effort into surprising your smart lady, and don’t doubt. She will definitely appreciate that and remember your lively mind and the desire to impress her.
  • Let her grow personally and professionally. Tech women constantly learn and develop their knowledge to keep abreast of times and get promoted. Limiting your girlfriend in her professional aspirations will rather cause a break-up than make her give more attention to you.
  • Don’t compete with her. Once you find a woman smart enough to support herself and manage her career, housekeeping duties, and hobbies, you may feel like you should outgrow her to be manly. You shouldn’t: competing with your partner won’t make your bond stronger.
  • Remember about your self-development. Finally, to be happy with yourself and your girlfriend, you need to do your thing: business, interests, learning languages, etc. to stay a well-rounded person and be a mystery to your partner.

As you can see, dating a smart girl is not for everyone, but it can be one of the most exciting experiences in your life. Don’t wait any longer and find a woman to date online now.